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Rules and policies

At Balmoral State High School, to create a supportive environment, various policies are in place to provide scaffolding and and direction for our students in their journey through Balmoral State High School from Year 7 to 12.


Student Attendance - Every day counts

Balmoral State High School is committed to ensuring each student has the opportunity to receive the optimum education possible through ensuring students regular attendance at school. Education Queensland has resources and information available to parents and carers to support the regular attendance of students on a page titled - Every day Counts.

Attendance is a key priority at Balmoral SHS and all students are expected to attend school each and every day.
•If there is a reason your child is absent, you must inform the school by either phone call, text message reply or a note to be handed into the office.
•It is a clear expectation at Balmoral SHS that every student should meet at least a 95% attendance rate – this allows 10 days absence throughout the entire year for illness.
•School starts each day at 8.50am and students should arrive before 8.45am to be ready for Period 1. Students must arrive on time each day and not be late for school. If a student does arrive late, they need to report to the office upon arrival at school. Please do not schedule appointments for your child during school hours. If your child needs to leave early, they must report to the office for a Leave Pass.