Bring Your Own Device


Since 2019 Balmoral State High School has operated a whole school Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) . BYOD engages the digital generation by nurturing individual learning experiences and 21st Century Skills.  

Do You Want a No Fuss Laptop That Will Last for Three Years?

Balmoral SHS has selected two devices with three year warranty and $0 excess Accidental Damage Protection (ADP).

The ADP coverage allows one $0 Excess ADP claim a year for 3 years. Any issues with the device can be diagnosed and repaired by the school.

For more information and educational pricing go to:


HP Laptop from JB HIFI:

                School Code: BALMORALSHS2021


Dell Laptop from Datacom:

                Username:     balmoral        Password:    byod


Selecting a Device for School

Do not purchase a Chromebook as they are not compatible with the EQ Network.

We have identified 5 questions to ask when choosing a device.

Can it connect to the school network?

Devices must be compatible with a 5Ghz Wi-Fi Network, often called "Dual Band Wi-Fi"

We recommend Windows 10 devices over Apple devices on the EQ Network.

Never buy a Chromebook as they do not operate on the EQ Network

If in doubt, ask your retailer "Does this device run Windows 10 and will this device connect to five Gigahertz Wi-Fi?"


Will it Last the Whole School Day?

Battery life can vary depending on usage and batteries degrade over time.

We recommend an advertised battery life of 8 hours.

If in doubt, ask your retailer "Will this device last an entire school day, even after three years of use?"


Is it Fast Enough to be Useful?

Our experience shows the two main indicators of BYOD performance is the number of CPU threads and SSD storage.

Never buy a device with an Mechanical HDD, always choose a device with at least a 128gb Solid State Drive (SSD).

Always buy a device with 4 or more CPU threads.

If in doubt, ask your retailer "Is the storage drive a 128 Gigabyte or larger solid state drive and does this device have four or more C-P-U threads?"


If it Breaks, Can it be Fixed?

Technology fails and accidents happen. Choose a device with more repair options to:

  • Save money by repairing instead of replacing
  • Reduce stress when accidents occur

We recommend choosing a 3 year Warranty and $0 excess Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) with your device.

Or, choose a device which can be repaired by your local repair shop if it breaks

If in doubt, ask your retailer "What repair options do I have for this device if it breaks?"


What Steps Can I Take to Protect my Laptop?

When not in use, always store your device in a hard case, often called an EVA Case.

Never put the device in a bag with a water bottle.

Identify your device with a security sticker or engraving.

Students can access device diagnostics, advice and support in the E104 IT Helpdesk.


Required Software

You don't need to purchase any optional software (e.g. Microsoft Office) with you device.

We don't recommend purchasing Trend Micro or McAfee anti-virus as they often have issues on school network.

Once you have your school username and password, you can access software downloads from our student intranet



                Please get in contact with us at


Minimum Recommended Specifications for BYOD Devices

Screen sizeMinimum 10" recommended
BatteryMinimum 8 hour battery life
Specificationsi5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD (not eMMC)
SoftwareAnti Malware software, Windows Defender
Operating SystemWindows 10

Last reviewed 26 February 2021
Last updated 26 February 2021